According to the Identity Federation Policy participation is allowed for legal entities – educational organizations of higher education, scientific organizations and organizations of continuing vocational education – as a Home Organization (Identity Provider), and also as a Service Provider, and for other organizations that carry out their activities in the interests of educational and scientific organizations is allowed only as a Service Provider.

Identity Federation provides its services only if the organization has accessed the Policy.

The procedure for accession the Policy

  • An organization wishing to access the Policy shall fill out an Application Form, indicating in what role (with what role of the Participant) it accesses the Policy
  • The candidate organization at its own expense and on its own computer resources deploys free software in accordance with the requirements of the Technological Profile(s) in conformity with the role of the Participant specified in the Application Form
  • After deployment of the software, the candidate organization undergoes the procedure for verifying the correct operation of the software on the part of the Operator with the elimination of errors identified by the Operator
  • After undergoing the software verification procedure, the candidate organization signs the Terms of Service, the Policy and the implemented Technological Profile(s)

RUNNetAAI documents

RUNNetAAI Application Form
RUNNetAAI Terms of Service Agreement
RUNNetAAI Identity Federation Policy
RUNNetAAI Technology Profile
RUNNetAAI Metadata Registration Practice Statement